Ready to Fly!

Who is this girl I am looking at?
Not exactly what her parents see!
She is not all happy, innocent, or blissful as can be.
Who am I looking at?
Not what strangers see!
She is not all wild, withdrawn, or quite like a tree.
What face peers back at mine?
She’s not all gentil, or all shy.
That strange girl looking at me,
Who is that girl who mirrors me?

She stands as if frozen,
yet ready to leap!
Not as tall as a mountain,
Nor as low as a creek.
Not as skinny as a cricket,
Yet not fat like a bull,
Not as muscular as Goliath,

Yet not as weak as a colt.
She is not like most girls,
That is fairly plain to see.
She does not adore iPhones or MP3’s,
She spends her time running,
Searching for clues,
Hoping they will lead her to something new.

A new version of herself,
One that is easy to define,
One that she can unlock,
One that no one can bind!

One without restrictions,
One that is more free,
One that is a woman,
Who can be anything!

Be that an explorer, firefighter, vet, or humanitarian aid,
Soldier, writer, artist, dancer, or a staff at an arcade!

The possibilities are endless,
And she knows she is strong!
She is ready to pull out the war paint,
And put it all on!
She knows she can be anything!
No matter what people say.
She will ignore the social norms,
And stigmas in her way.
Doubt is but a pebble now,
Fear is only a fly,
Pain does not matter,
Because this girl is about to fly!


By: Jacinta Secker

Jacinta is a young aspiring writer who lives in a small rural town in northern Ontario, Canada. At the age of twelve Jacinta won her first writing contests and since then has entered her work in a variety of national and international writing contests. With four poems already published, Jacinta plans to expand her literary goals to hopefully one day be a published novelist.


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