Langley: Part II – The One Way Street

Part II – The One-way Street

As I set off down the one-way street
The first of my appeals drifts

I watch the passing strangers


I turn back to the emporium
But the way is no longer clear

Words on a sign say “One Way”
An arrow points to the future
As much as it indicates the road’s infinite end

I light another cigarette
As it flairs to life
I am transubstantiated


Like the death of Achilles
Or the stoning of Stephen

The vapor now traps my prayers in my chest
Alongside a broken heart


Like a broken dream
Or a final embrace

I empty the box in vain
In an attempt to recapture the Instinctual spirituality of the past
To reanimate the mythic ritual
To avoid meditations of self

By: Nicholas Elbers


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