Langley: Part III – The Church

At the end of the one way street
There lies a Church

Named for a man
Synonymous with humility

It is both like and unlike
Every other Church

My presence
The only difference

I extinguish
The final cigarette on my soul

In the final expulsion of smoke
I see a vision of fire and pain

But the Lord was not in the fire


Sackclothed men robed in joy

Some weep
Some laugh

As they watch me from their procession
Their tears cut bright pathways through the ashes
On their faces

My vision fades

And after the fire a still small voice

I am returned
To the Church

Through the door
The smell of incense
Overpowers the stale stench
Of the old man’s wisdom

The glass
Stained with the blood of the living
Blinds me

In the Silence
I am introduced to myself
For the first time

By: Nicholas Elbers


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