The Hero of the Valley

He was an impulsive child. The most recurring comment on his report cards throughout both elementary and high school was: “He is intelligent, but rushes through his work and makes mistakes.” But this never got his spirits down. He was a dreamer; if he wasn’t reading about heroes and villains, elves and orcs, angels and demons, then he was off fighting them with his friends, imagining himself as a classical hero; that or he was playing one video game or another where he was the protagonist of some epic journey.

When the night of his grade seven graduation came, he was excited for the awards ceremony in which he was hoping to receive the proper accolades fitting for a hero such as he. But as the night went on, and the awards were given to churlish ignoramus like Adam, or incompetent swine like Nick R, he was beginning to understand how real life worked. Real life heroes were a lot less cool than the ones he had read about. He realized that the books had been lying to him. And them came the fatal blow, the castration, the decapitation, the spiritual emancipation: his twin sister won the final award.


By: Alec Gloanec 


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