Dank Rhymes

They said, “the wordier the better,
But make them words lighter than a feather.
Cause if they come crashin’ down
Like a ton of bricks we gonna come crashin’ round”.
I didn’t understand it
But they did backhand it
So I said, “yeah I’ll do it”.
But I couldn’t see through it.
Didn’t get what they meant,
Didn’t get a single cent
But I did it.

So these rhymes is dank –
Danker than a castle cellar tank
Where the king used to keep his royal wine
Which he’d sip when his royal queen did decide to whine
And piss him the hell off.
Guess all married men get the froth
From their wives’ angry mouths every day
When things don’t go their wives’ angry way.
Guess that’s life and you can’t stop that,
But these rhymes is dank and you can’t top that.

So there.

By: Dominic Lindl


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