Nation of First World Messiahs

Now isn’t it strange?

I heard Kanye got asked to get married at the mall,
But you know I’d never crawl for his ball.
Cause A.
I’m not gay,
And B.
He’s gonna die and see
That he’s overpriced.
Hell, he’s not Jesus Christ,
Though he’s believed it more times
Than Kim’s gotten married to dimes.

Now isn’t that strange?

But this is North America.
So shut your mouth and pick a
Celebrity to believe in,
Cause the bible’s too heavy to breathe in.
Plus we can’t even read.
All we do is breed.
Except we kinda don’t, cause we all wear rubbers
To prevent ourselves from becoming fathers and mothers.

Now isn’t that strange?

Yeah, we accept every invitation
To get down in this nation.
Cause if Drake raps it out
Then we just have to act it out,
Don’t we?
Cause only Messiahs live on TV.
Messiahs that set us free
From doubts that say we can be
Away from our screens and still happy.

So there.

By: Dominic Lindl 


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