Death in the Suburbs: The Remixed Remix

“Canadian dream, why are you so distant?
I cry to you from the balcony of my elephant…”

Shove my debit card in
And throw my dough in the bin.
Cause it’s what I eat
When I sit in defeat,
Staring at a pile of paper
That I got back after
Some underpaid man
With no future plan
Other than to sit on his ass
In some stuffy class
Read my shit
And let it hit
My overall grade.
B Minus.
Well, what happened to the Canadian dream?
Cause as far as I can see it sure as hell seems
That papa died for something
That sure as hell seems like nothing.
Worked his nine to five
To keep his family alive
But his nine to five
Sure hasn’t helped me survive
When men in suits
And hundred dollar boots
Take my money
And promise me
That school after school
Will take my inner fool
And make him a boss.
My loss.
“What a trap,” papa screams behind his grave.
But papa, you were brave.
Death in the suburbs.

By: Dominic Lindl


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