I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder
if Achilles stood on his heels
at the doorstep of divinity
and wished he had digressed
to spend the rest
of his life with a kid and a wife,
fading into the obscure
background of a retrospectively halcyon world
instead of being destiny’s child…

But Achilles isn’t real,
his choice is a myth –

the truth is the vale of tears
where they make you suspend those fears
that are erected by women with painted faces.

there are no Veronicas here.

But two becomes one
becomes something beautiful.
I donno, how’s that even possible?
It’s conjugal.
No. Comical!
Fill in the blanks….

But I can’t bring myself to finish
those lines that diminish myself.
Because aloneness
is hardly something to worry about.
Unfortunate for you
charity takes two,
or something else new.
A me and you too?

Or a you and you
without a me to be something in the way
of things that you can’t get for free.

But, can’t it just be the trinity?
That opposite of enmity,
tickled ivories and melodies
that aren’t from me,
but made by two,

maybe me and maybe you
to make a new end only through
merging melodies.

Sometime I wonder
if Achilles (who stood on his heels
at the doorstep of divinity)
had met the right one who’d have made him undone,
would he have stayed
till his very last day
in Grecian bliss
rather than sink into that immortal abyss?

Ask Paris.


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