The Death Of Music

Is all good music gone?
Was it killed by a man in the still of the night
Kicked in the darkness till it bled daylight
Before I was full grown?

Or did it just ffffade away?
Into the darkness an old friend of mine
And though I said I would be I wont be fine.
I guess I’ll go my own way.

Will it ever return? I don’t know, I cant say.
I don’t like it but I guess things happen that way.
At least that’s what Johnny told me before he too went away
On a jet plane.

Music used to speak to me.
It was true like ice, true like fire
But even walls fall down; down to the wire
Let it be, Let it be.

The day that music died,
I had someone tell me not to cry
The circle would be unbroken by and by,
Just let your backbone slide.

But when music is gone, where does it go?
Is there an Afterlife for the songs I miss?
Or is music just a Reflektor of a kiss
That hits me as the chariots swing low?

Maybe just when you feel it you don’t,
And just when you find it, it’s gone.
Taken away with miss atomic bomb
In some dustland fairy-tale.

Or what if music is still there?
Like that girl with diamonds on the soles of her shoe
Or the wolves with eyes all Sinatra blue
If you’re bold enough to stare.

Perhaps it’s just in hiding
Swallowing its dreams with cans of regret
Or laying in wait with Benny and the Jets
To come up for the rising.

Maybe good music never really died
And we don’t need sympathy for the devil
In his rotten lair of evil beyond evil
With no tunes to ease his worried mind.

Oh music! I’ll write you a letter tomorrow
But tonight I can’t hold a pen to ink your name
Even though Amy told me Love is a Losing game
I’ll find some damn paper to borrow.

And tomorrow. I’ll write you.


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