– Elizabeth Flitton

White specks fill the red pedals laying on the green bushes in the dark rustic forest. Lashes move slowly as her eyes open. She turns her dark hazel gaze towards the gloomy brown wood. Slowly, small drips of sweat begin scrolling down her cheeks. They make ruffles on the ground like small pebbles hitting the top of water.

She feels the pounding of her heart vibrating up and down in her throat. A deep, but slow breath. Spikes of pain running through her body as she touches her blood filled womb. She groans in pain as a branch brushes against her. Memories fill her mind as she trembles from the ice cold snow.


Blind Spot

He was the blind spot,

To my sensibility.
Gathering joy, from
Fuelling my insecurity.
He was Lying on his back,
Lying to my face.
An absolute,
Absence of integrity.

He told me,
Stars shone as bright
As my eyes.
Which was as true,
As his lies.

But his grip was too tight.

My mum was right.

By: Rachel Dunn